Shape Up Together

Shape Up: Together is our targeted weight management programme, providing different bespoke weight management opportunities for people from BAME communities, people with learning or physical disabilities and people with mental health concerns.


Our Aims:

  • To help as many people as possible engage with, and be successful with our programme!

  • To help you lose weight, help educate you and help get you healthy!


The Shape Up Together Programme

  • 12 weekly sessions, each 90 minutes long

  • Each session is split between learning, coaching and physical activity

  • Offers full support for all its participants

  • Free, fun, effective and easy to join

We have designed a programme that educates people to develop a healthy relationship with food, and provide them with the skillset to change their unhealthy behaviours and habits. This programme engages its participants in a fun and effective way, and uses group exercise and sport to improve fitness and support weight loss.

Each and every course will be designed with the target audiences in mind to make them fun but also effective.

Starting in January 2022


Aged 18-65

A resident of Hertfordshire

Have a BMI of 27.5 or higher

Have a disability, have mental health concerns, or belong to a BAME community

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