We regularly hold course events for current and past participants to get involved in. These usually involved some form of physical activity and are fun and for all ages and abilities within the program!

Check some of these out below:

Step Up for Shape Up:

On Sunday 10th October 2021 our annual Step Up event is taking place at Vicarage Road. This year it is open to the public, including men, women and children. For more information click here.

Football Tournament:

In May 2019 the annual Shape Up Cup took place at Roundwood Park Sports Centre in Harpenden. The 5-a-side competition included 14 teams and over 110 former and current Shape Up participants! If you are a current Shape Up participant you will be invited to play in future Shape Up Cup tournaments.

Celebration Event May 2015


 Saturday 2nd May 2015 participants from the Shape Up programme were on the Vicarage Road pitch to revel in the success of their course.


The group of 15 guys had just completed the 12 weekly sessions; sessions that consisted of an educational element – learning about nutrition, lifestyle and behaviour change, followed by a 60 minute physical exercise session.


The courses proved to be a success with several impressive statistics



•             Total weight loss = 192lbs


•             Lost 106kg of body fat 


•             Burned off over 670,000 calories (equivalent of 3361 donuts)


If the stats weren’t enough to prove the success of these courses, here’s what the participants had to say;


“Great that there was something for men, I didn't realise how unfit I was and now  I’m finished at week 12, I'm running 5km most mornings and losing the weight I always wanted! The Food diary and correct food intake was also explained very well. Thanks to Andy & Graham” Adam Townsend 34


“I can’t recommend this course highly enough,  Do it!  Take 90 minutes out of your weekly routine, change your life; take small steps but you will reap the benefits.  I have!” Rob Lewis, 46